• Designed for repair work with the possibility of using a shock mechanism.
  • Specifications:
    • Stroke speed: 3200 bpm.
    • Air inlet: 1/4″
    • Piston stroke: 67 mm.
    • Net weight: 1.6 kgs.
    • Length: 175 mm.
    • With chisels (175 mmL ) x 2 pcs.
    • Air consumption: 110 L /min.
    • Sound pressure: 99 dBA.
    • Vibration: 13.5 m / s².
  • Important Notes:
    • It is forbidden to apply high pressure to the system – more than 8 bars.
    • Do not use pneumatic tools at temperatures close to 0° C.
    • Avoid sand and dirt getting inside the pneumatic tool. Dirt and sand work like an abrasive and wash the petals of a twisting mechanism.
    • Avoid getting water inside the case. The presence of water leads to corrosion and destruction of the torque mechanism.
    • Once every three months, preventive cleaning of the pneumatic tool is necessary.

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